Raise Our Paddles for Peer Tutoring

Don’t miss your opportunity to raise funds for Edna Brewer’s Peer Tutoring Program!!
During the online auction, you will be asked to Raise Your Paddle to make a donation to this very worthy cause. We hope that you will extend your generosity to this important effort – at any level! – so everyone wins!
About Brewer’s Peer Tutoring Program:
Directed by our own Mr. August, the Edna Brewer Peer Tutoring Program is an after school service-learning initiative that partners successful 8th grade students with 6th graders who could benefit from one-on-one homework and organizational assistance.
The goals of the Peer Tutoring Program are to:
1)   identify and provide support to 6th grade students who struggle with the transition into middle school
2)   provide leadership opportunities for 8th grade students in which they assist in closing the achievement gap
3)   create an academic culture in which Ds and Fs are not tolerated
2013-2014 was the first year of the program, and it has been a huge success!!  Currently 25 8th graders are tutoring about 40 6th graders.  We are so grateful to Mr. August for his hard work in recruiting, hiring and training our wonderful 8th grade tutors and matching them with 6th graders who most need the support.  8th grade tutors are rewarded with modest stipends and recognition for their service to the school.  Many of the 6th graders in the program have successfully increased their grades.  Even though grade-improvement allows them to graduate from the program, many have chosen to stay in the program to continue reaping its benefits.  In fact, an informal survey of 6th graders in the program indicated a 90% rate of high satisfaction.   6th grade teacher Jana Maiuri is very supportive of the program because “It builds connections between younger and older students and helps us build a culture of supporting everyone to succeed.”