We need you – Each and every one of you – to go out and bring in ONE auction item!

Hello Edna Brewer Community!

We are coming into the home stretch for acquiring donations for our 4th annual Edna Brewer Auction Fundraiser: the Online Auction begins March 4th, our Live Event is March 21st!  All donations need to be in by February 28th.

We need you. Each and Every one of you – AND YOUR FRIENDS – to go out and bring in ONE auction item to help our solicitations team and Live Auction Crew make this auction successful.

“EASY”, I SAY.  Try this:

  1. Donate Services:  Is your sister a massage therapist, does your teenager babysit or walk dogs? Do you have your own business and can offer a consultation, or provide services such as tax preparation, tutoring, marketing, coaching, private piano lessons or piano tuning, legal advice, web design, photography, landscaping? Does your health club offer month trial periods, classes, or tennis lessons? GO ONLINE to complete the donor form.
  2. Host a Party or Offer a Workshop: This could be something you could do with some friends such as: Ladies Poker Night, Karaoke Competition, or a 60’s Mad Men Cocktail Party; or offer a workshop in an area of expertise such as : woodworking for weekend carpenters; landscape drawing; Contact Caitlin at caitlin_martindale@yahoo.com or fill out the online hosted party donation form.
  3. Buy a gift card and donate it to the auction! (Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Whole Foods, a bookstore, a nail salon, Uber and Lyft, a gift shop, a restaurant, a movie theater)
  4. Bring an auction letter and donor form with you the next time you go out to a restaurant, and ask the manager to donate to our auction. It is tax deductible, and the solicitations team will pick up their donation if they don’t want to mail it in. All forms can be accessed on our Edna Brewer Website.

You get the picture: PLEASE HELP. This Is soooooo DO-ABLE if we have more warm bodies pitching in just a little bit!!!

Thank you thank you thank you.
Questions? Comments? Contact Sandy Binder 310-773-6643 or Phylis Kramer 510-541-0949