The PTSA’s Night of Home Brewed Music was a huge success, thanks to all who helped make the evening happen! More than 100 Brewer supporters, parents, teachers, and staff came out to enjoy live music, a delicious dinner, drinks, and live auction events.


Thanks to the musicians who made the night so special:
  • The Broun Fellinis
  • SuperVague
  • Wilson Wong and the Dudes
and to
  • Dante Thornton for making sure we could hear the music!
  • Suzanne Riley for lining up delicious food and helping make the space look great.
  • Liz Hall, Bill Hall, Cindy Hobbs and Chris Gaw for the professional bar-tending and specialty drinks.
  • Ryan Linderman and Jesse Madway for the tasty beer flights and for sharing their homebrew expertise.
  • Chris Duncan, Suzanne Riley, Steve Riley, Eric Londgren, Mark Halmi, Kathy DeRosas, Chris Xiques, Deb Gaon, and Christy Getz for turning a church basement into a nightclub.
  • Suzanne McKaig-Laber and Laura Jerrard  for wrangling volunteers!
  • Julia Fong-Ma, Kerrie Halmi, Suzanne McKaig-Laber, Belinda Uriarte, Terri Phelan, Deb Gaon, Jennifer Black, Heather Siglin, and Jeadi Vilchis for Check-out.
  •  Mike Moran: You were a great MC!
  • Brewer parents for sticking around and putting the room back together: Suzanne Riley, Steve Riley, Gavan Duffy, Mark Halmi, Mike Brill, Deb Gaon, and Nuno Ferreira.
  • Joelle Nadel and Liz Bellows for organizing the fantastic wine cellar.
  • Diana Brown for coordinating the creative and fun hosted parties.
  • Jennifer Black for securing the generous Brewer Panther Sponsors and auction ads.
  • Rhonda Kim and Eric Londgren for your hip graphic design and photography!
  • Paula Larsen-Moore and Karl Ma for the dozens and dozens and dozens of homemade cookies!
  • Terri Phelan and Paula Larsen-Moore for the great marketing and communications.
Finally, a big thanks to Sandy Binder and Victoria Varieur for leading the 7-month online auction project(!) and to their online auction team for collecting amazing donations and convincing us we wanted to buy them. Shout outs to Gretchen Ferreira, Terri Phelan and Ann Eisenberg! Events like this one bring our community together. We couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you!
Kate and Pam, VPs of Fundraising