Online Auction Open for Bidding!

Bid early & often to support programs for our 800+ kids:

  • Bidding is open on 450+ items!
  • Golden State Warriors
  • 60 Restaurants
  • Concerts/Plays/Shopping
  • Cal/A’s/Giants/NASCAR
  • Tours/Tastings/Classes
  • Camps/Adventures/Fun
  • Brewer Parties and Experiences
  • All price ranges
  • Ends March 31st at 9 pm

Get your tickets for our great Brewer Parties and Experiences:

  • Cinco de Mayo Party – No live auction this year, so be sure to go to this one!
  • RIDE Oakland Spin Party with Donna Ricketts
  • Long Weekend in Tahoe
  • Front Row Seats for 8th Grade Promotion
  • New Orleans Jazz Club Party w/ Mr. Pitt-Smith
  • Panther Golden Gate Hike w/ Ms. Clusserath & Mr. Tran
  • Brewer Shakespeare Movie Party at Ms. Maiuri’s
  • Paella Party under the Stars w/ Dave Higgins
  • 6th Grade Friday Night Movie
  • Have a Pool Party at Sequoyah Country Club!
  • A Trip Marcus Books with Ms. Sekhon
  • Pastapalooza Pasta & Wine Dinner Party w/ Ruth Stroup
  • Bowling & Pizza with Mr. Tran at The Albany Bowl!